Enjoy Stone is a privately held, family-owned company which located in Xiamen, China

We are a basalt quarrier of local Zhangpu -

just one and a half hour drive from our office in Xiamen,

with reputation of providing quality, reliable and efficient service 

in exporting natural stone since 1995.

We take a consistent approach to help our clients

to find the best products they really want.

Customer satisfaction is always the essence of our business etiquette.


The word basalt is ultimately derived from Late Latin basalts,

a misspelling of Latin basanites "very hard stone".

It is a mixture of feldspar and pyroxene,

a rock made mainly of silica and oxygen, usually is black or gray.

Because basaltis pretty common and with high density,

ancient Roman engineers paved a lot of Roman roads with it.

Basalt is extremely strong and lasting long property. 

Today it still be widely used in modern architecture, both exterior and interior.

We can say that the possibilities are endless.